Our Apps


With over 1,000,000 downloads our popular Earthquake+ app is the best earthquake monitoring app in the world! The app not only shows seismic activity around the globe, but also provides useful information about tsunamis and volcanoes. Earthquake+ also offers information about seismic stations and nuclear power plants as well as provides easy to configure push notifications and user interface customisations.



Volcanoes app is not only the most comprehensive app to display volcanic activity around the globe, but is also the only app in the world to show volcanic ash clouds in near real-time (as per the data provided by a number of international VAAC agencies). Featuring most popular volocanoes info, recent volcanic activity, push notifications and recent earthquakes information, the app is an indispensable tool for everyone interested in Earth Science. This is one of the reasons our Volcanoes app is so popular among educational institutions around the world, with 400,000 downloads and counting.


Selfie Maker

Selfie Maker is a fun app which allows users to create fake selfies in almost any location on the planet. We are offering our users a new way of faking location while being creative and having a bit of fun.

Digger’s Map

Thousands of amateur geologists, mineral enthusiasts and hobbyist prospectors are using our unique Digger’s Map app around the world to search for gold, silver and various minerals. Our app is offering information about more than 300,000 international locations and 60+ minerals.